The Oregon Association of Clean Water Agencies (ACWA) is a private, not-for-profit organization that serves Oregon wastewater treatment and stormwater management agencies.

Our goal is to protect and enhance Oregon’s water quality. By cooperatively addressing the many water quality issues facing wastewater treatment and stormwater managers, we can be more effective advocates with our federal and state regulatory agencies, can identify areas of collaboration with other water quality stakeholders, and can pool resources to meet environmental standards more effectively. Read about some example projects.

Started in 1987, ACWA is a strong voice for municipal water quality agencies throughout Oregon and nationally. Our mission is to provide high value, science-based practical services for our members. Some site content is available only to our members and requires login for access.


Welcome to ORACWA imageThrough education, regulatory advocacy, and partnerships for the development of pro-active solutions, our efforts strive toward building water resources management that is environmentally, financially, and organizationally sustainable.

Our members routinely represent municipal wastewater and stormwater interests on work groups, DEQ Advisory Committees, and Federal Advisory Committees.

Currently, over 126 wastewater treatment and stormwater management agencies, along with associated professionals, are ACWA members. Learn about membership. ACWA is governed by a Board of Directors and its Executive Director is Susie Smith.

ACWA Committees

Much of ACWA’s work is accomplished through our active committees.  ACWA Committees include:

Biosolids and Recycled Water
Utility Management
Water Quality


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