Energy Committee

The Energy Committee works to provide information to members on energy efficiency and renewable power sources at treatment plants.

Solar P/V panel installations at the City of Pendleton provide green power for the City’s wastewater treatment plant.

Energy audit information and information on incentives for renewable energy projects are provided by two key organizations:

  1. Energy Smart Industrial—For wastewater utilities that purchase their electricity from a PUD, electric cooperative or municipal-owned electric utilities.
  2. Energy Trust of Oregon—For wastewater utilities that purchase electricity from Portland General Electric or Pacific Power

Here is information on no cost energy audits for wastewater treatment plants.

Energy Independence for Oregon Wastewater Utilities

Energy is a huge expense for any wastewater utility. Is it possible to use ‘best in class’ energy efficiency techniques, partnered with cost-effective renewable energy projects and become energy independent? The answer is ‘yes.’

A study completed for ACWA in 2008 evaluated two Oregon utilities—City of Gresham and City of Corvallis—and concluded that energy independence for these two utilities was possible. Learn more about the study, funded in part by the Energy Trust of Oregon and completed for ACWA by Kennedy/Jenks Consultants.



Energy Efficiency

A number of low and no cost O&M practices can reduce power bills at treatment plants. See a checklist of O&M practices to save energy (O&M Energy Efficiency Checklist for Wastewater Treatment Plants, 5/9/2012, PDF 34 kb).

Energy Management Systems

Where funding is available and ACWA member agency interest is high, ACWA works to organize specific training around building an energy management system at a wastewater utility. Participating ACWA members have found that a systematic approach to energy management, setting targets and goals, building an energy team, and using a Plan/Do/Check/Act type system is effective in reducing energy costs while maintaining high effluent quality. See a report on the first round of energy management system training, Focused Approach on Energy Yields Savings for Wastewater Treatment Plants.

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