Groundwater Committee

The Groundwater Committee works to ensure municipal activities are protective of groundwater quality, especially stormwater management programs.

stormwater drain
Municipal stormwater systems can use Underground Injection Control (UIC) wells to infiltrate stormwater into the ground. This can restore natural flows in urban areas, while using the soil as a natural treatment system. UICs in Oregon are regulated by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. Their website has more information about DEQ’s UIC program.

Best Management Practices

Best Management Practices (BMPs) are used to ensure stormwater filtrated into the ground is protective of groundwater quality. Two key BMP manuals are used in Oregon:

  1. Underground Injection Wells for Stormwater (Best Management Practices Manual)—ACWA

  2. Central Oregon Stormwater Manual



Example Stormwater Manuals

A variety of stormwater design manuals are in use around Oregon.

Examples include:

Swale green stormwater management systems use natural
systems to treat stormwater runoff.

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