Community-Based Pretreatment Tool

RESOURCES — Technical Resources

ACWA Pretreatment Committee

Join the ACWA Pretreatment Committee and participate in their monthly meetings in person, by phone or by video conferencing. The ACWA Pretreatment Committee the most experienced resource for communities constructing community based, voluntary pretreatment programs. Information on joining ACWA and its Pretreatment Committee is available online. Contact the ACWA Pretreatment Committee through the ACWA office using our online contact form.

DEQ and EPA Resources

State and Federal pretreatment regulations are available on the DEQ website through the State of Oregon.
More information about the DEQ program, including guidance and reference documents is also available.

More information about the EPA program is available at:

Pacific Northwest Pretreatment Conference

The Pacific Northwest Pretreatment Conference, held annually in the fall, is the region’s premier training program for source control, industrial pretreatment, and pollution prevention professionals.

More information about the conference is available online through the Pacific Northwest Source Control Training Association.


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