Example Projects

Some example ACWA projects include:

  • Technical Reports — Detailed technical information such a compilation of Oregon’s stormwater quality data, a manual outlining effective stormwater pollution prevention practices for utility maintenance practices, and a report outlining energy efficiency and renewable power opportunities for Oregon wastewater utilities, and other resources.

  • Educational and Outreach materials — A variety of outreach materials including those focused on issues such as ensuing Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) are kept out of the sewerage system, including a brochure for utilities to use in educating the fast food industry on proper grease management, along with watershed educational materials for the public.

  • Highly Successful Workshops — Conferences, and educational sessions on topics of most interest to water quality professionals including asset  management, compliance strategies for meeting toxic water quality standards, effective stormwater control programs, pretreatment, and other topics.


Clean water that provides a healthy environment for people and habitat is a key goal for Oregon’s clean water agencies.


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